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Post-Digital Laboratory 2017
Red House Centre for Culture and Debate
The Red House Centre for Culture and Debate organises and presents socio-political, artistic, cultural as well as socially engaged and educational programmes.

Since its inception, The Red House stimulates the development of innovative forms of the arts, such as interdisciplinary artistic projects in contemporary performance and visual arts, music, literature and media, and it helps artists develop their artistic language.

We try to create the circumstances for a dialogue between different forms of the art, as well as between artistic disciplines, humanism and various debates in the public sphere.

Rene Beekman
Rene Beekman graduated in Media Arts at the AKI academy in Enschede, the Netherlands. He is best known to a Bulgarian audience as a curator and as one of the
co-founders of the MA programme in Digital Arts at the National Academy of Arts, where he also taught between 2008 and 2016.
He is a co-founder of the xfilm festival, the xfilm lectures series, Dorkbot Sofia and Ignite Sofia, and has been
co-organizer of the first two editions of DA Fest.

Rene Beekman was the curator of the exhibitions "Hello World" (2012, Vaska Emanouilova Gallery in Sofia), and "Being Post-Digital" (during the Design Week 2015, in Plovdiv). Together with Albena Baeva, he curated the exhibition "Малки забавни създания" (Credo Bonum Gallery in Sofia and Contermporary Space in Varna, 2016, U10 Gallery in Belgrade, 2017).

http://raakvlak.net and https://reaktiv.bg
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