Conversations with Spaces
A public presentation by HC Gilje

15 May 2017 6pm

Post-Digital Laboratory 2017
The Red House - Center for Culture and Debate

A public presentation by HC Gilje
HC Gilje is a Norwegian artist who explores how audiovisual technology can be used to transform, create, expand, amplify and interpret physical spaces. He has moved between installation, experimental video, live performance and set design since he graduated from the Intermedia department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Trondheim in 1999.

Since 2006, he has been working on his larger scale project called Conversations with Spaces that he will talk about during his presentation.

Here is what he says about the project:
"For over a decade I have been working on Conversations with Spaces – a general idea arching over my various projects where I look at different ways of transforming spaces using light, projection, sound and motion: ephemeral media that create temporary transformations of physical spaces, which in turn influences how we experience these spaces."

The presentation will be in English.
Free entrance.
HC Gilje
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