April, May and June, 2017
Post-Digital Lab 2017
About the Post-Digital Lab
The Post-Digital Laboratory is a long-term project that aims to provide a platform and a community that will help Bulgarian artists and performers explore the use of digital technology in their work.

We do this by holding public presentations, providing courses and workshops, as well as stimulating the creation and presentation of new work through active mentoring and a presentation programme.

The laboratory will have a different topic each year. For 2017, the topic is the use of video in various artistic contexts.

The topics in upcoming years will build on previous years. That is how we intent to stay current in the choice of our topics and how we will help participants to stay competitive with their peers abroad.
Who is this for?

The laboratory is intended in the first place for early to mid-career artists, working in any art form and who want to expand or further develop their us of digital technologies as means of expression.

Beyond that, the laboratory is open to anyone interested in producing works of contemporary art that are based in, or question issues related to (digital) technology in contemporary culture.

We do not differentiate between artists, performers, musicians, technicians or engineers as participants. In fact, we believe that bringing together people from different backgrounds makes the programme that much more interesting for all.
Laboratory structure
The laboratory has two phases.

In the first phase, which is run during the spring, public lectures, workshops and courses are held following the topic for that year.

In the second phase, participants from the workshops and courses are invited to propose ideas for new work. Up to 5 proposals will receive mentorship from workshop leaders as well a modest production budget for their realisation, and will be presented at the Red House in the following fall.
Workshop & course leaders
Albena Baeva
HC Gilje
Momchil Alexiev
28–30 April
Video-Editing for Artists
More about this workshop
Workshop is led by Albena Baeva
12–14 May
Spatialised Video
More about this workshop
Workshop led by Norwegian artist HC Gilje
15 May
Conversations with Spaces
Public presentation by HC Gilje
Entrance free
1 June
Cinema and Virtual Reality?
Public presentation by Momchil Alexiev
Entrance free
2–4 June
Cinema and Virtual Reality
More about this workshop
Workshop led by Momchil Alexiev
Enrollment starts at 50 BGN
Participation in workshops and courses starts at 50 BGN
Full price for all courses and workshops: 160 BGN
Post-Digital Laboratory is supported by Sofia Municipality's 2017 Culture Programme, the Gaudenz B. Ruf Award and The National Culture Fund.

If you are interested in becoming a partner or sponsor, please contact us.
The venue
All events will take place at The Red House – Center for Culture and Debate in Sofia
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